Bunch Of Grapes Sapphirine Major Silver Ring
The extravagant designer statement ring with grapevine motifs. The ring’s centerpiece is the truss of sapphirine spherules, all various shades of lavender, fashioned as a cluster of ripened grapes. The wide leaves and young shoots entwine the massive centerpiece and smoothly blend with the shank. The floral details’ surface is ornamentally textured and coated with dark patina, the rolled ends are gilded. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Flora and Fauna' collection. We also offer accessories to match it – neat earrings, a pendant necklace, and a bracelet, all designed in the similar style.
Sapphirine Silver Ring

Silver ring with a sapphirine insertion is made in the author’s design. Some elements of the jewel are gilded. The item is made of sterling silver. The ring may be supplied with the earrings.