Oval Ruby Silver Ring
Designer silver ring with an oval cabochon cut ruby in gold plated shackle caste. The shank is decorated with an ornament featuring a bee honeycombs. The inner surface of the relief texture is covered with black patina. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Simple Shapes' collection.
Amethyst and Ruby Ring
A natural deep-purple fancy oval cut amethyst gold ring. The major stone stone is haloed by small bright round cut rubies. The shank of the ring is also decorated with same color and cut rubies. This statement ring is made of pink 14K gold. We can offer an amethyst pendant made in the same style to complete the set.
An Oval Ruby and Diamond Ring
A Ring with oval pink-red ruby in sprinkling of small colorless diamonds of classic round cut, fixed in the laborious pavé technique. The shank is smooth and laconic. Jewel is made of 18K gold and is covered with black rhodium.
Pyrite Druze and Ruby Silver Ring
A statement, spectacular ring with a pyrite druze and a small ruby cabochon. The casting of these natural stones stylized angular pyrite crystals. The shank has a rocaille curling pattern decoration. Independent sterling silver jewelry with blackening and gilding can be styled alone. It belongs to the 'One of a Kind' collection.
Oval Ruby and Diamond Ring
Spectacular, classic ring with a major oval-cut not enhanced ruby of most valuable 'Pigeon Blood' color, securely setted with four neat prongs. A noble stone is haloed by nine round diamonds. Fine shank is also adorned with small diamonds. This exclusive ring made of 18K white gold.
Ruby and Diamond Ring
Oval “Pigeon’s blood” color Burmese ruby and diamond ring. At the edges the jewel is adorned with small full-cut round diamonds. The jewel is made of 18K-white gold. The ring is sold in the set with the earrings.
Ruby and Diamond Ring
The jewel is made as a modern interpretation of the classic design. In the center – Burmese ruby of the “Pigeon’s Blood” color is placed, circled with the rose-cut diamond petals. The jewel is made of 18K-white gold.
3Stone Ruby and Diamond Ring
A 3-stone oval “Pigeon’s blood”color Burmese ruby ring. The central gems are slightly lifted above the base. At the edges the jewel is adorned with full-cut round diamonds. The jewel is made of 18K-white gold.
Yellow sapphire, tourmaline and ruby ring
The ring is an author’s jewel made in a classic design. Delicate pink tourmaline makes the center of the arrangement. Yellow pear-like rose cut sapphires serve as the petals of a flower. The edges of the jewel are inlaid with round cut rubies.
Ring with Burman ruby and diamonds
Ring with a Burman oval-cut ruby of the “Pigeon’s blood” color. The ruby is placed in the center of the composition, on the right and on the left there are 2 rose-cut diamonds. At the edges the jewel is inlaid with full-cut diamonds. The setting is lifted above the shank of the ring, what gives additional volume to the jewel. The item is made of 18K-white gold. 33. Ring with huge blue topaz.