Citrine Diamond Necklace
A striking 18K yellow gold diamond necklace with a fancy maple leaf cutted citrines. Inserts fixed with elegant prongs and contoured by small size round cut diamonds. The bottom element is decorated with a diamond drop pendant. The necklace can be complemented with a diamond and citrine ring and earrings made in a similar style.
Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
A 14K white gold necklace decorated with bright peach-orange oval cut Padparadscha sapphires and round cut diamonds. Made in a classic style and will perfectly enrich any sophisticated evening look. The beauty of this jewel will highlight neat Padparadscha sapphire and diamond earrings of the same design, that we offer as a complement.
Drop Shape Emerald Diamond Ring
A spectacular diamond ring with a rich green drop cut emerald. Natural stone is securely fixed with neat prongs and haloed by colorless standard round cut diamonds. This classic design jewelry piece is made of 18k white gold. The ring is a part of two-piece set with dangling emerald and diamond earrings.
Drop Shape Emerald Diamond Dangling Earrings
Luxury dangling diamond earrings of classic design. A rich green drop shape emerald is placed in the center of a pendant element, haloed by round cut diamonds. An elegant lever backs are decorated with small diamonds of standard cut. Earrings make up a set with a similar design emerald and diamond ring.
Deep Blue Oval Sapphire Diamond Ring
A major, luxurious gold ring with a deep-blue untreated oval-cut sapphire. Natural stone is fixed with four net prongs in a' whirlpool ' of round diamonds, setted in a spiral way. A wide, smooth shank securely fixes this high spectacular jewel on the finger. Made of 18K white gold.
Oval Sidestone Diamond Ring
A three stone diamond ring of classic design. The central one is a major oval cut stone of excellent color, and on the sides - pear shape diamonds of a smaller size. The smooth shank is elegantly curved. This jewel is made of 18K white gold. Perfect as an engagement ring.
Black Opal and Diamond Ring
A spectacular 18K white gold ring with a rare and very valuable Australian black opal. Natural stone have a well-formed color patches and a wide play-of-color range with a predominance of red-orange and blue-green flashes. This magnificent insert is securely fixed by four neat prongs, haloed by colorless round-cut diamonds and adorned with two major pear-shape diamonds. The shank is also decorated with small diamonds.
Ceylon Sapphire Cabochon Diamond Ring
A major spectacular 18K white gold ring, featuring a flower with an oval Ceylon blue sapphire cabochon center. Natural stone is securely fixed with four neat prongs and haloed by round cut diamonds. The contours of the petals are decorated with colorless round cut diamonds and centered with fancy rose cut diamonds. The ring makes up a set with a sapphire dangling earrings of a similar design.
Ceylon Sapphire Cabochon Diamond Dangling Earrings
A 18K whit gold dangling earrings with an elegant lever backings, adorned with colorless round cut diamonds. The moving element featuring a flower with a center made of oval blue sapphire Ceylon cabochon. Each stone is securely fixed with four neat prongs and haloed by small round cut diamonds. The petals are centered with a rose cut diamonds. The contours of the petals are decorated with mele round cut diamonds. Earrings make up a set with a sapphire diamond ring of a similar design.
Alexandrite, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Cushion cut alexandrite ring. The color change effect is very strong and vary from deep bluish-green at daylight to rich purple under an incandescent yellow light. Natural stone is setted in a rim of small pink sapphires fixed in rose gold, haloed by colorless diamonds of classic round cut. The shank is concise and smooth. This jewel is made of yellow, pink and white gold 750.
Oval Sapphire and Rose Cut Diamond Ring
A major statement ring with a bright cornflower blue oval sapphire. Natural stone is securely fixed by eight neat prongs in the frame featuring a flower. In the center of each petal placed a rose-cut round diamond haloed by small standard round cut diamonds. The shank is laconic and smooth. The ring is made of 18K white gold.
Fancy Cut Citrine and Diamond Ring
Spectacular statement ring with light-yellow fancy shape citrine cutted in the form of a maple leaf. Natural stone is securely fixed with eight neat prongs and is surrounded by colorless round cut diamonds. On the sides the colored stone is also decorated with diamond tracks. This jewel is made of 18K white and yellow gold. Makes a set with a citrine earrings and pendant of similar design.