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Rhomboid Rutilated Quartz Silver Ring
SKU: RG9915RQZ479827
Size: 13
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Product photo Rhomboid Rutilated Quartz Silver Ring

Rhomboid Rutilated Quartz Silver Ring

SKU: RG9915RQZ479827price in request

The extravagant ring of a sophisticated design. The gemstone is a rare variety of rock crystal called rutile quartz, containing needlelike golden inclusions resembling Venus’s hair. The gemstone is raised quite high above the shank and exposure to light makes it look even more gorgeous. The silver is slightly textured and coated with dark patina. Several gilded elements echo the sparkling play of colours of the “noble” inclusions. The wide shank will secure this fairly big ring on your finger quite comfortably. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'One of a Kind' collection.

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