Pink Opal Silver Ring
A round opal laconic sterling silver ring. The simple geometric shape emphasizes the beauty and perfection of the pink opal. The color of natural stone can be compared with the shades of summer sunrise, slightly turning pink at the horizon. The round opal insert is set in a thin shackle cast. Thanks to the narrow shank, the ring will look great on a hand of any size. To complete the set you can choose earrings of a similar design.
Pink Opal Dangling Silver Earrings
Movable silver earrings with opal for a pleasant summer mood. A perfectly round opal in a thin polished caste floats freely on a silver bird pendant. The swallow on this decoration seems to be striving upward, creating a feeling of lightness and air. Natural stone, shimmering in a range of soft pink shades, harmoniously combines with smooth caste silver and decorative blackening on the pendant. The laconic hinged snap backings hold the earrings securely on the lobe, as well as delicately close the puncture site. The sterling silver earrings look great together with a ring from the same collection.
Round Dimond Stud Earrings
Classical 18-karat white gold halo diamond earrings featuring a roun cut diamond as a protagonist of each stud. The central gem is paved with diamond pave which underlines the overwhelming beauty of this items. The statement pieces will be the perfect complement to the engagement ring of the same style.
Cacholong And Pearl Major Silver Brooch
This massive sterling silver brooch is a one-off, unique item. The large rocaille centerpiece fashioned as leaves evokes the sumptuous baroque forms. The leaves are elaborately detailed and patinated. The dark background sets off the delicate flower crafted from a milky - white cacholong with pearlescent glitter. Three pearls dangle on chainlets of different sizes originating from the center, like three stamens. The brooch can also be used as a pendant. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Flora and Fauna' collection. It can be complemented with dangling earrings, also available at our store.
Turquoise Blackened Silver Ring
The silver ring with a centerpiece fashioned as a small leaf with a textured and slightly patinated surface. A pale - blue turquoise bead is poised at the tip of the leaf like a frozen drop. The easy-to-wear V - shaped shank, too, is decorated with dark patina. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Simple Shapes' collection. To complement the ring, you can buy from us a pair of similarly designed dangling earrings with similar gemstones.
Square Chrysolite Gilded Silver Earrings
Longish silver designer earrings with a bright - green cushion cut chrysolite in a shackle gold - plated caste. The design, inspired by the modernist motifs of the past, features cords of tassel as if captured in motion: tassel was, back then, a very fashionable trim used in dresses, headwear, bags, and footwear. The combination of gilt and slight patina adds a distinctive touch and charm. Hinged snap clasps secure the earrings on the ears. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Simple Shapes' collection. We suggest you take a look at a neat ring with a chrysolite of the same color, also available at our store: it will complement the earrings nicely.
Rectangular Chrysolite Gilded Silver Ring
The silver ring with a bright - green emerald cut chrysolite. The natural stone is set in a shackle gold - plated caste with an elegant gilded flourish skirting it. The wide shank with an unusual contour is coated with black patina. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Simple Shapes' collection. Can be complemented with chrysolite earrings also available at our store.
Baroque Pearl Dangling Silver Earrings With Blackening
White baroque pearl designer dangling earrings crafted from sterling silver. In each earring, the pendant is a circle with a gemstone secured inside it off - center, giving the item a modern touch. The earrings each are decorated with a delicate textured ornament and coated with dark patina throughout, including the hinged snap clasp. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Simple Shapes' collection. You can also buy from us a similarly fashioned ring, as a fine addition to the earrings.
Baroque Pearl Round Silver Ring With Blackening
The white baroque pearl designer silver ring. The flat baroque pearl is sunken into the bezel, whose raised edge protects the delicate nacreous surface. The uneven interior side of the edge is slightly textured and patinated. The V - shaped shank is designed in a minimalist, laconic style. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Simple Shapes' collection. A perfect complement to this item – similarly designed dangling pearl earrings – is also available from our store.
Lapis Lazuli Dangling Silver Earrings
Dangling lapis lazuli sterling silver earrings. Its main highlight is natural lapis lazuli cut to resemble tiny sticks. The gemstones are cut in this fashion specially for this series of earrings. The design of the hinged snap backs is in keeping with the unusual look of the gemstones. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Simple Shapes' collection. Our offerings include a lapis lazuli ring of the same hue and texture which would make a fine complement to the earrings.
Rectangular Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Silver Ring
A laconic ring is made from sterling silver. The bright - blue rectangular cabochon lapis lazuli is set in a tall shackle caste. The design of the comfortable W-shaped silver shank alternates sleek surfaces with blackened and ornamentally textured elements. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Simple Shapes' collection. We also offer lapis lazuli earrings of a similar color and texture, which will make a fine addition to the ring.
Round Nephrite Dangling Silver Earrings
A laconic dangling dark - green nephrite earrings evocative of Suprematist minimalism. Its contours slightly asymmetric, each earring’s edging resembles a half - moon containing inside it a round nephrite in a polished bezel. The alternation of matte and shining silver surfaces lends a special touch of gloss to the item. The sleek hinged snap lock has a slightly pyramidal form. This sterling silver piece is made for the 'Simple Shapes' collection. The earrings can be complemented with a nephrite silver ring of a similar design, also available at our store.