5 July 2017
Rene Lalique's unmatched jewelry pieces

Rene Lalique was truly the "originator of a new era" in jewelry. He began to create something completely new in this area in 1890. His contribution largely was due to an exceptional capacity for work, the amazing power of imagination, combined with a special gift of the artist, a magnificent possession of jewelry techniques as well as the fact that creating his works, he found the use of materials in a classic jewelry unthinkable at the time.

12 June 2017
Florentine engraving

       Florentine engraving is one of the important jewelry techniques, which has firstly appeared in the 15th century in Florence - the cradle of Renaissance, the city of the most skilled goldsmiths, artisans, painters, architects, sculptors, ruled by the Medici dynasty. 

27 January 2017
Happy 2017 Lunar New Year!
Dear friends, our greetings and best wishes as 2017 Lunar New Year has come!
1 September 2016
Jewelry pieces at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week fall-winter 2016-2017
       Annual Fashion Week of Pret-a-porter and Haute Couture was held in Paris, in the world capital of fashion and style. Famous and important jewelry brands showcased their special selections to outlined new trends. To mark the launch of the new High Jewelry collection, Chanel commissioned  ingeniously invented by a famous contemporary artist Gad Weil installation - Les Bles de Chanel.
29 May 2016
Rare beauty at Christies Asia 30th anniversary in Hong Kong.

     This year spring auction is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Christie’s presence in Asia which captures numerous fields of arts to be highlighted during the week. The most exquisite jewelry and masterpieces will be showcased at the Hong Kong session on 31 May, named Magnificent Jewels. Rare jewelry items will delight the eye of even the most sophisticated collector and amateur. Here are the top ten traditional and cutting edge pieces by the most sought-after jewelers I wonder to pay your attention on.