Tourmaline Concise Ring with Blackening
A classic design 14K yellow gold tourmaline ring, made in a 'Noir' style. The Central insert is a bright pink tourmaline cabochon securely fixed with four neatly executed prongs and surrounded by a halo of round cut tourmalines setted in a blackened frame. The design of this jewelry piece inherits the traditions of a concise and noble classical style, and the high quality - the centuries-old traditions of the Armenian jewelry craftsmanship.
Tourmaline and Yellow Sapphire Dangling Earrings
14K yellow gold dangling earrings with tourmalines and yellow sapphires. The center of the pendant element is made of a pink tourmaline cabochon surrounded with a round-cut tourmaline halo. The omega-type backs are decorated with honey-yellow oval cut tourmalines haloed by small round cut yellow sapphires. Earrings are made in the Noir - style classical manner - some elements are plated with black rhodium.
Oval Shape Pink Tourmaline Cabochon Major Ring
A spectacular statement ring. Made of 14K yellow gold and adorned with a major oval shape pink tourmaline cabochon. This natural stone is securely fixed with neat, decorative prongs in a concise framing.
Polychrome Tourmaline Dangling Earrings
14K yellow gold dangling earrings with polychrome tourmaline. Its core is brown to yellow and the border is bright pink. The plate contours inherit the shape of the natural crystal from which this spectacular insert was obtained. The omega-type closure is decorated with an oval cherry-red tourmaline cabochon.
Spinel and Ruby Earrings
Bright 18K yellow gold earrings with a major dark-pink radiant cut spinel sprinkled with bright pink round cut rubies. The black rhodium plating gives to this striking jewelry piece extra charm. The omega-type closure fixes them comfortably tight on the earlobe.
Major Polychrome Tourmaline Laconic Ring
A major gold ring of concise design with a polychrome tourmaline cabochon. Its color varies from pink to yellow. The cabochon is cutted in a special form called sugarloaf. Natural stone is securely fixed with four neat prongs. The shank is thin and smooth. This jewelry piece is made of yellow 14K gold.
Red Spinel, Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Dangling Earrings
A dangling elongated earrings made of 14K white gold. Elegantly curving diamond path of colorless standard round cut stones gradually enlarging to the bottom, decorated on the sides with movable suspensions of round pinkish-red spinels and slightly larger in size pink tourmalines. Earrings tight and comfortable fit to the earlobe, fixing via stud with a screw-type lock.
Drop Shape Polychrome Tourmaline Pendant
A bright 14K yellow gold pendant of laconic design with a drop-shape polychrome tourmaline. The color of this natural stone varies from delicate peachy to yellow. The insert is securely fixed by four elegantly formed prongs. This pendant can be styled in a set with a tourmaline gold ring.
Oval Polychrome Tourmaline Ring
A 14K yellow gold ring of laconic design with an oval polychrome tourmaline cabochon. The color of this natural stone varies from pale pink to pinkish-yellow. Four elegant, neatly shaped prongs securely fix the insert. The ring can be supplemented with a yellow gold pendant, containing a drop-shape polychrome tourmaline of similar color.
Tourmaline and Diamond Three Stone Ring
A classic ring of white 18K gold with three oval-cut pink tourmalines. Natural stones are surrounded by a border of colorless small round-cut diamonds. The shank of this jewel is concise and smooth.
An Oval Ruby and Diamond Ring
A Ring with oval pink-red ruby in sprinkling of small colorless diamonds of classic round cut, fixed in the laborious pavé technique. The shank is smooth and laconic. Jewel is made of 18K gold and is covered with black rhodium.
Drop Share Pink Quartz and Amethyst Ring
Concise side-stone ring with major drop shape rose quartz and deep-purple cushion cut amethysts. Spectacular 14K yellow gold summer ring designed in delicate pink and purple gamma. To complete the set we can offer dangling stud earrings with rose quartz.