Moonstone and Pink Sapphire Dangling Earrings
Bright dangling 14K rose gold earrings with a pink sapphire decorated lever backs. A brownish-orange heart shape moonstone cabochon is placed in the center of the pendant element haloed by round cut pink sapphires, the same shade as on the closure. This central part is surrounded by similar moonstone hearts of a slightly smaller size. Light, airy composition is attached to a closure via round rose cut pink sapphire. Earrings are very mobile and look especially magnificent when hit by bright sunlight. Can be complemented by a similar design pendant and a ring.
Moonstone and Pink Sapphire Ring
A 14K rose gold ring with brownish-orange heart shape moonstone cabochons. The central one is haloed by pink round cut sapphires. Spectacular, cocktail ring will serve as a bright accent almost to any style. Can be perfectly combined with a dangling and earrings of similar design.
Moonstone and Pink Sapphire Pendant
Bright, spectacular and very airy pendant with brownish-orange heart-shape moonstone cabochons. These shimmering natural stones diverge arrows from the center made of a rose cut pink sapphire haloed by fine round sapphires of the same hue. Made of 14K rose gold. The pendant is a set with a similar design ring and earrings.
Oval Tourmaline, Amethyst and Pink Sapphire Ring
Bright ring with a deep-pink oval cut tourmaline. This natural stone is haloed by intense purple oval amethysts alternating with rose cut pink sapphires. Each stone is carefully setted with tidy prongs in a separate caste. The jewel is made of 18K yellow gold.
Spessartine and Amethyst Three Stone Ring
A neat, bright three stone ring. The central one is tangerine-orange spessartine garnet of fancy cushion cut. Small bright-purple amethysts setted as side stones. The jewel is made of yellow 18K gold.
Amethyst and Ruby Ring
A natural deep-purple fancy oval cut amethyst gold ring. The major stone stone is haloed by small bright round cut rubies. The shank of the ring is also decorated with same color and cut rubies. This statement ring is made of pink 14K gold. We can offer an amethyst pendant made in the same style to complete the set.
Amethyst and Ruby Pendant
Bright, major pendant with two natural fantasy-cut amethysts of deep-purple color - an oval and a cushion. The stones are haloed with bright small round cut rubies. Spectacular jewel, made of pink 14K gold. This pendant is a set with a ring.
Drop Citrine and Ruby Dangling Earrings
Bright dangle earrings with a lever back type of closure decorated with pinkish-red small round rubies. The dangling element is a vivd orange-yellow drop-shaped citrine. Natural stone is securely fixed with four neat prongs and haloed by small round rubies of the same color as on the closure. Spectacular 14K yellow gold earrings are perfect for a joyful summer style. In a cold season, will infuse notes of warmth, comfort and positive.
Major Spessartine and Amethyst Ring
Striking ring with major mandarin color cushion cut spessartine garnet. Rich-purple small cushion amethysts placed as side-stones. The three-stone composition is contoured with round amethysts of light shade. This bright jewel is made of yellow 14K gold.
Rhodolite and Amethyst Ring
Spectacular, bright ring with pink-red cushion cut rhodolite garnet. Natural stone is surrounded by small round light-purple Pavé setted amethysts. This statement 14K gold ring is covered with black rhodium. Belongs to the Fine Jewelry collection.
Blue Spinel and Sapphire Earrings
Dangling earrings with a hinged snap backings, decorated with small round blue sapphires. In the center of the suspension element is a large dark blue oval spinel haloed by oval blue sapphires. This white 18K gold jewel belongs to the Fine Jewelry collection. Best to be worn with a spinel ring of the same design.
Blue Spinel and Sapphire Ring
A classic ring featuring the flower with a large dark blue oval spinel in the center, surrounded by oval blue sapphire petals. Bright jewel made of white 18K gold belongs to the Fine Jewelry collection. The ring looks great combined with the spinel earrings of the same design.