Oval Ruby and Diamond Ring
Spectacular, classic ring with a major oval-cut not enhanced ruby of most valuable 'Pigeon Blood' color, securely setted with four neat prongs. A noble stone is haloed by nine round diamonds. Fine shank is also adorned with small diamonds. This exclusive ring made of 18K white gold.
Round Alexandrite and Diamond Ring
Classic elegant ring with round Brazilian alexandrite haloed by major oval-cut diamonds. The Central stone has a strong color change effect depending on the lighting source: under a daylight white light it looks deep bluish-green, and under the artificial yellow - intense purple-red. This color change rate is typical for the best Brazil and Ural alexandrites. A thin, neat shank is decorated with small round diamonds. This white 18K gold ring belongs to the High Jewelry collection.
Oval Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Dangling Earrings
Dangling earrings with oval neon-blue paraiba tourmaline. The Central stone is surrounded by marquise-cut diamonds resembling flower petals. The arcuate lever-type closure is also decorated with round diamonds. This jewel is made of 18K white gold. Tourmaline of the earrings as well as the major stone of the ring of similar design were chosen specifically to create a set and may be sold exclusively together.
An Oval Major Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
A ring with an oval neon paraiba tourmaline, surrounded by marquise cut diamonds, resembling flower petals. The elegant thin shank is decorated with small round diamonds. Delicate 18K white gold jewelry piece can perfectly serve as an engagement ring. Available only in a set with paraiba tourmaline earrings of similar design.
Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant
A major pendant with neon-blue pear-shaped paraiba tourmaline, features a four-leaf petals. Bright stones are surrounded by diamonds following the medallion pattern. Spectacular 18K white gold pendant.
Vivid Pink Spinel and Diamond Pendant
Spectacular pendant with a bright pink spinel, faceted in the form of a heart. Central stone is surrounded by pear-shape rose-cut diamonds. A major white 18K gold jewelry, perfect for an evening dress with a deep neckline.
Burman Ruby and Diamond Earrings
Burman ruby and diamond earrings. “Pigeon’s blood” color rubies placed at the center of the pendant surrounded by 8 round-cut diamonds. The lever back clasp is adorned with diamonds. The jewel is made of 18K-white gold.
Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

In the center of the pendant oval cabochon-сut Ceylon sapphire of deep blue color is placed. On the beams, diverging from the sapphire, canted diamonds of the round cut interchange with the marquise-cut diamonds. The base of the jewel, hanger and union rings are fully covered with small full-cut round diamonds. The item is made of 18K-white gold.

Oval Diamond Ring
Extraordinary and bright ring with an oval-cut diamond. The shape of the gemstone sets the whole arrangement. The central gemstone is set in white gold and slightly lifted. Double halo of full round cut diamonds surround the central gem; the golden jointing edge separates the diamonds from each other. Double halo of diamonds adorn the shank as well. The author’s design of this jewel won the 1st place at the Jewelry Awards during one of the international jewelry exhibitions. The item is made artistically of 18K-white and yellow gold.
Spinel, Sapphire and Tourmaline Ring
Ring with a huge cushion-cut spinel of rich pink color. 27 delicate pink sapphires at the edges accentuate the brilliance of the central gemstone. The arrangement is completed by interchanging round cut tourmalines of light and dark pink color. The item is made of 18K-white gold and coated with black rhodium.
Rubellite Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
Classical oval Rubellite tourmaline ring. Rose-cut diamonds surround the central gem. The edges of the jewel are inlaid with small full-cut round diamonds. The item is made of 18K-white gold.
Ceylon “Padparadscha” Sapphire and Diamond Ring
The jewel is made as a modern interpretation of the classic design. In the center a pink “Padparadscha” sapphire is placed, it is a rare sort of the sapphire; the best species are mined in Ceylon. The beauty of the central gem is accentuated by 10 pear-like rose-cut diamonds, reminding of the opening petals of a tender flower. At the edges the jewel is adorned with small full-cut round diamonds, making the flower pattern. The jewel is made of 18K-white gold.